Real autopilot systems
For real autopilot use

Including fully type approved systems to latest IMO and ISO Specifications

About Navitron Systems Ltd

Navitron Systems Ltd is an independent British company based near Portsmouth on the south coast of England.

Specialists in the design and manufacture of Classification Society Approved Main Steering Controls and a comprehensive range of Type Approved Autopilot systems and associated equipment for commercial vessel applications, the company is internationally represented by leading brand distributors of marine electronic equipment.

MED Module D and ISO 9001 Quality Certificated (ISO 9001:2015) a key feature of Navitron policy is ‘in house’ product design and development which ensures maximum levels of company expertise in all operational aspects from design input through production to end user support.

Commensurate with this theme it is noteworthy that Navitron Systems Ltd is the first UK manufacturer of fully Type Approved autopilot systems to latest IMO and ISO specifications including wheelmarked systems in accordance with MED 96/98/EC.

Navitron NT850 Main Steering Systems

Navitron NT850 Main Steering Systems are suitable for Steering Control Applications ranging from non SOLAS workboats and patrol craft etc. to full SOLAS rated ocean going vessels of all types.

All NT850 Steering components (Non Follow Up Controls, Follow Up Controls, Steering Amplifiers etc.) are Class Approved and can be supplied in modular Steering Panel or Stand Alone configurations to provide budget non SOLAS or full Convention compliant systems as appropriate/required.

Customised and compact Main Steering Panels result which can be prewired as complete hinged assemblies for immediate mounting in Steering Stand or Desk Console cut outs prior to connection to their associated Steering Amplifiers etc.

Who do we supply?

Navitron Main Steering Control configurations are suitable for use with single and dual rudder systems (Independent or Synchronised) for vessels of all types and typical Navitron autopilot applications range from 10 metre workboats to Gyro based Ocean going vessels which can exceed 100,000 gross registered tonnes encompassing:

Further Navitron equipment includes Bowthruster and Analogue Steering Interfaces, Power Steer Controls, Digital and Analogue Heading Repeaters, Rudder Angle Indicators, Off Course Alarms, Watch Alarms and Heading Data Interfaces which – dependent on type – may be installed as autopilot optional equipment or configured as independent systems.

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