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Watch Alarms & BNWAS

Type NT991 BNWAS

Fully Type Approved to MSC.128(75) & IEC 62616 (2010), the Navitron NT991 Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) combines Power Fail, Malfunction and Error Management Alarms with step adjustable (3 – 12 mins) timing periods. Further features include built in selectable back up Officer Call and Intruder alarm facilities. For vessels of all types, the NT991 BNWAS is immediately suitable for AC and DC power supply connection.

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Type NT921WA

The NT921 WA Watch Alert System is a robust and intelligent monitoring device which provides a reliable low cost backup facility for busy – and often short handed non SOLAS rated vessels (Workboats / Commercial Fishing / Wind Farm Support Units etc. The alert period can be operator specified as required for periods between 3 & 12 minutes and the system includes an emergency call facility to summon any remotely located crew members should immediate assistance be required.

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Type NT920WA

The NT920WA is a time based alarm unit with built in Power Fail detection which is most often used in conjunction with Navitron Autopilots but may also be used as a stand alone alarm system remotely activated by proprietary autopilot systems (11 – 40Vdc supply voltage range).

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