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Rudder Angle Indicators

Type NT920RAI

Navitron Rudder Angle Indicators (type NT920RAI) can be configured for single or multi head display as add on components to all Navitron autopilot types or as independent (stand alone) systems employing a dedicated Rudder Angle Transmitter Unit (NT920RTU).

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Type NT850 & NT1000 RAI

Navitron Systems Ltd. NT850 & NT1000 Rudder angle Indicators are Approved by DNV GL, ABS, BV and RMRS for inclusion in Navitron Main Steering Control Systems and are also Notified Body (GL) Wheelmarked in accordance with ISO 20763 (2007) for indepenent Rudder Angle Indicator (RAI) system use.

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Type NT1550 Panoramic RAI

The NT1550 Panoramic RAI is the newest addition to Navitron’s comprehensive range of MED Type Approved Rudder Angle Indicators. With 3 faces at 90° separation, each face features a 163mm x 80mm graduated scale with 7mm legends for clear indication. The Rudder Position Signal can be either Analogue Voltage, derived from a Rudder Reference Unit mounted potentiometer or, via IEC61162-1 or -2 Serial Data using the $xxRSA sentence. Designed to be ceiling mounted (including VESA mount option) the unit is compliant with International Performance Standards including ISO 20673, IEC 60945, IEC 61162-1, IEC 61162-2 & IEC 62288.

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Type NT1250RAI

The waterproofed Navitron NT1250 RAI Rudder Angle Indicator is fully MED Module B Type Approved and has been designed and developed to compliment the existing Navitron equipment range. NT1250 Rudder Angle Indicators may be configured for ‘add-on’ use with all Navitron Autopilot models or as components of an entirely independent Rudder Indicator system.

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