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Heading Repeaters

Type NT880 AHR

Navitron Analogue Heading Repeater type NT880 AHR is Approved and Certificated by Germanischer Lloyd as fully compliant with all aspects of IEC 60945 and may be configured for single or multihead display of NMEA 0183 Heading Data received from proprietary transmission elements (Gyro, TMC systems etc.).

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NT920DHR /2 Digital Heading Repeater

The NT920DHR / 2 Digital Heading Repeater is Type Approved (National Certification by UK Notified Body QinetiQ) for Gyro Compass or THD (etc) Repeater use and is immediately compatible with NMEA 0183 heading data. It is equipped with an opto isolated input port for direct connection to proprietary senders (gyro’s, GPS compasses etc.).

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NT920AHR MK2 Analogue Heading Repeater

Navitron Analogue Heading Repeaters type NT920AHR may be configured as single or multi head independent systems or as add on components to most Navitron autopilot types and Navitron Heading Data Interfaces to display NMEA 0183 heading data received from primary transmission sources of all kinds (Gyro Compass, GPS Antenna Compass, TMC systems etc.)

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