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Heading & Speed Data Interfaces

Type NT990HDI

BSH (Germany) type approved for AIS, ECDIS, Radar and Heading Repeater interfacing, the NT990HDI (Heading Data Interface) will convert virtually any Synchro or Step by Step heading input signal to heading data transmitted on 1 (NT990HDI/1) or 2 (NT990HDI/2) isolated NMEA 0183 output channels. The output channels may be independently set for IEC 61162/1 (4800 baud) or IEC 61162/2 (38400 baud).

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Type NT925HDI

BSH Type Approved for stand alone (independent system) use with azimuth tracking units of all kinds (radars, trackplotters, antenna alignment systems, nav computers etc.) and Wheelmark approved for use with Navitron NT921G/NT951G/NT990G and NT991G MK2 autopilot systems, the NT925HDI (Heading Data Interface) provides four types of simultaneous output data converted from virtually any synchro or step by step gyrocompass heading outputs.

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Type NT923HDI

Suitable for stand alone (independent system) use, the NT923HDI (Heading Data Interface) provides two channels of 10Hz NMEA 0183 heading output data and one Navitron serial output derived from a Navitron Heading Sensor Coil (HSC1 or HSC2) mounted above or below a good quality externally gymballed ships magnetic compass.

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Type NT922HDI

The NT922HDI provides conversion functions from NMEA Heading data to 5Vp/p Step by Step and from single channel NMEA Heading data to dual channel opto isolated NMEA outputs which are independently selectable to provide both baud rate and update rate conversions.

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Type NT921HDI

The NT921HDI is available in two forms to convert Sin/Cos Heading signals received from proprietary compasses / fluxgate devices etc. to standard NMEA heading data. The resultant serial data accords with IEC 61162/1 and IEC 61162/2 (as preferred) and can be used as a heading input to a Navitron Autopilot System or for inputs to other proprietary equipment such as radar (stabilisation) or ECDIS etc.

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Type NT920HDI

The NT920HDI converts serial heading data received from different types of proprietary heading transmission sources (electronic compasses including GPS antenna types etc.) to the data type required by various end user brands of radars, trackplotters and heading repeaters etc. including some Navitron autopilot types. In addition, NT920HDI software version 4.0 onward incorporates speed log pulse input facilities which are combined with heading to provide NMEA output data (VHW sentence) for use by ECDIS etc.

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