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Universal Relay Box
Type NT920URB

The solid state (FET) switches incorporated in all Navitron autopilot control unit types are suitable for solenoids in the voltage / current range 11 - 40Vdc / 5A maximum.

When higher voltage solenoids are involved (110 / 220Vac or dc) the Navitron Relay Box type NT920URB provides isolated switching complete with contact suppression.

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Solenoid switchline polarity (common positive or common negative) is installation selectable as are the relay contact suppression components which are link selectable within the NT920URB dependent on supply voltage type (ac or dc).

Additional features include a normally open relay contact for auxiliary use and a normally open contact which closes in the event of solenoid main power failure to provide a switchline for an external alarm if required.

Compass Safe Distance - 1.5m

Weight - 0.8Kg

Outline Dimensions (mm): -

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