Systems Ltd
Autopilot Type NT991G MK2 MK2
Fully Type Approved
Notified Body 0191/05
ISO 11674 & IMO A342(IX) as
amended by MSC 64/67 Annex 3

Purpose designed by Navitron Systems Limited for professionally operated ocean going commercial vessels of all types from typically 1800 to 20,000 gross registered tonnes, the Navitron NT991G MK2is a powerfully equipped and technologically advanced Autopilot which is 'Wheelmarked' in accordance with MED 96/98/EC and Fully Type Approved to latest IMO and ISO specifications. Also Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) and Morsviazsputnik approved, multi waypoint track steer facilities are included for use with 'Heading to Steer' data received from ECDIS etc.

Click for larger image Dual Mag Inputs: -
Sensor Coil and/or NMEA.
Dual Gyro Inputs: -
1:1 Synchro and/or NMEA.
Programmable Rate of Turn : -
Built in RadioNav and Off Course Alarm: -
Automatic Stability : -
Monitors Rudder speed.
Heading & VDR Outputs: -
NMEA, Step by Step and Furuno heading. $HTD & $RSA VDR.

Model NT991G MK2: -

A fully Type Approved installation programmable Autopilot for Gyro based vessels from 1800 to approximately 20,000 gross registered tonnes.

Typical Applications: -

Tankers Passenger Vessels

Cargo Carriers Car Ferries

Standard Features : -

Full P.I.D Intelligence,
Servo driven Heading Repeater (Standby mode),
Dual Course Setting and Steer on Lock on facility,
Full Automatic Permanent Helm (Automatic Trim),
Heading, Rudder angle and ROT data displays,
Programmable Rate of Turn and RadioNav mode.
Automatic Rudder stabilisation compatible with
dual speed steering systems,
Operator variable control panel illumination,
11-40Vdc Power Supply compatibility,
Solid State Output stages (11-40Vdc / 5A Max).

Optional Equipment : -

Rudder Indicators,
Power Steer Controls,
Digital and Analogue Heading Repeater,
Watch Alarm,
Universal Relay Box,
Analogue Steering Interface,
Dual Steering Interface,
Bow Thruster Interface.

Technical Specifications

Outline & Mounting Details

NT991G MK2 Leaflet Download (PDF)

Click for the NT991G MK2 Inst/Tech Manual

Click for the NT991G MK2 Operating Manual


Fully programmable to provide optimum installation flexibility and final seagoing performance commensurate with the turn rates and inertia levels of larger vessels, the NT991G MK2 Autopilot is also simple to operate via a traditionally marked rotary Heading selector backed up by CANCEL and CONFIRM keys to preclude accidental course changes as required by Type Approval regulations.

Programmable Rate of Turn (ROT) allows the maximum safe ROT to be set by the operator and can be used in conjunction with automatic waypoint steering data received from ECDIS when operating in the 'track' mode.

The control unit is suitable for console or bracket mounting in bridge or wheelhouse locations. Standard system supply also comprises a Mag Heading Sensor Coil and Rudder Reference Unit for installation to low voltage solenoid operated (11-40Vdc / 5A max) hydraulic steering systems. An optional high voltage (110/220Vac/dc) is also available.

A second Mag input facility is provided to accept NMEA heading data from a proprietary source and dual Gyro input ports are standard to accept NMEA and/or 1:1 isolated Synchro heading data.

Where Step by Step, M-type or non 1:1 Synchro ratios are involved, a Fully Type Approved Gyro interface (type NT925HDI) is available. Similarly, fully Type Approved Analogue and Dual Steering Interfaces are available for Azimuth propulsion units and Dual rudder systems respectively. (See Interface types NT990ASI and NT990DSI)

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