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Heading & Speed Data Interface
Type NT922HDI

The NT922HDI provides conversion functions from NMEA Heading data to 5Vp/p Step by Step and from single channel NMEA Heading data to dual channel opto isolated NMEA outputs which are independently selectable to provide both baud rate and update rate conversions.

Suitable for stand alone 11-40Vdc power supply operation, the NT922HDI can be used in buffered NMEA to step repeater applications etc. and the baud rate conversion function provides a simple solution to many interfacing requirements involving equipment from different systems operating at different baud rates.

The NT922HDI NMEA serial data outputs are available in two sentence types ($XXHDT or $XXHDG) which are derived and reliant upon the input data received.

The outputs (opto isolated) can be connected to external "listeners" in RS422, RS232 and standard NMEA connection formats.

The input signal applied to the NT922HDI can be of a single type NMEA only


NT922HDI Outline and Mounting Details              Technical Specifications

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