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Heading & Speed Data Interface
Type NT921HDI

The NT921HDI is available in two forms to convert Sin/Cos Heading signals received from proprietary compasses / fluxgate devices etc. to standard NMEA heading data. The resultant serial data accords with IEC 61162/1 and IEC 61162/2 (as preferred) and can be used as a heading input to a Navitron Autopilot System or for inputs to other proprietary equipment such as radar (stabilisation) or ECDIS etc.



NT921 HDI /1

This is the simpler form of interface which can be connected within a Navitron Autopilot System and uses the regulated power supplies available from the Autopilot Control Unit as it's power source.
The PIC processor intelligent NT921HDI then decodes applied Sin/Cos Heading signal and converts the input signal to NMEA 0183 serial output data which is installation selectable for 4800 or 38400 baud and update rates of 1Hz or 10Hz as required.




Typical Application Example


NT921 HDI /2

This is the stand alone version of the Sin/Cos to NMEA converter and is suitable for direct connection to 11-40Vdc vessel power supply as voltage regulation is included in the NT921HDI/2 (Type 2)
The single channel NMEA 0183 Heading data output signal is opto isolated to eradicate common mode problems and provides installation selectable update rates of 1Hz, 10Hz or 20Hz dependent upon the output baud rate selected (4800 or 38400).





Typical Application Example

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