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Type Approved NT850 & NT1000 Rudder Angle Indicators

Navitron Systems Ltd. NT850 & NT1000 Rudder angle Indicators are Approved by DNV GL, ABS, BV and RMRS for inclusion in Navitron Main Steering Control Systems and are also Notified Body (GL) Wheelmarked in accordance with ISO 20763 (2007) for indepenent Rudder Angle Indicator (RAI) system use.

Suitable for nominal 24Vdc supply (11-40Vdc) single or multi head systems may be configured and each RAI head is processor intelligent to permit individual calibration for acurate amidships indication and consistently linear response to full scale.
Standard scales are 45-0-45 or 90-0-90 with angle indication via an illuminated white pointer against a red/white or green/white scale marked in 1 degree increments with five deg and 10 deg sub devisions aver a total scale arc of 240 degrees.
Variable backlight scale illumination via an external control voltage - or locally mounted potentiometer - is a standard feature for night viewing.

The signal input requirement for the indicator heads is both potentiometric (derived from a Navitron Rudder Angle Transmitter Unit - or Main Steering System) or via Serial Data ($xxRSA) sourced from suitable proprietary senders.

Dual Rudder Reference Units of the NT920 or NT1000 type are required for potentiometric signals to the RAI to render the indicators electrically independent from the NT850 Main Steering System.
Individual Rudder Angle Indicator heads may be supplied for foot bracket mounting in enclosed wheelhouse locations or can be supplied within a bezel for panel mounting in exposed (external) areas such as bridge wings etc..
Foot Bracket Presentation
Model NT850 RAI
Model NT1000 RAI
NT850 RAI Dimensions.  
NT1000 RAI Dimensions.
Bezel Mount Presentation
Model NT850 RAI Model NT1000 RAI
NT850 RAI Dimensions.
NT1000 RAI Dimensions.
NT850 & NT1000 RAI Manual (PDF).

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