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NT850 Main Steering System Configuration Type 9.

Type 9 - Remote Aft Station Steering Panel with push button Take Over.

Rudder Angle Indicator Type NT850 RAI
NT850 Station in Command Selector NT851 Non Follow Up NT850 Full Follow Up Wheel NT850 Rudder Angl Indicator NT851 Steering Mode Selector NT850 Rudder Angle Indicator NT850 Main Steering Alarm
NFU Control Type NT851 NFU
FU Control Type NT850 FU
Main Steering Alarm Indicator NT850 MSA
Steering Mode Selector type NT851 STMS/2
Station in Command Selector Type NT850 SCS
(Dims 401 x 404 x 200 mm)
(Cut Out 353 x 356 mm)

The Remote Steering Panel example shown above (in this case an Aft Station) assumes Steering Control when permitted via the Main Conning position panel (Type 8) on operation of the Station in Command (NT850 SCS) push button and provides FU and NFU Control, Alarms and Steering Mode Selection.

A comprehensive NT850 SOLAS compliant Single Rudder Main Steering Example.
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