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NT850 Main Steering System Configuration Type 7.

Type7- Main Steering Panel for use with Aft/Remotely located Steering panel.

Rudder Angle Indicator Type NT850 RAI
Command Source Indicator Station in Command Selector NT888G Autopilot System Rudder Angle Indicators Rudder Angle Indicators NT850 Steering Mode Selector NT851 Non Follow Up NT850 Steering System Selector NT851 Non Follow Up NT850 Full Follow Up Wheel NT880 Analogue Heading Repeater
Heading Repeater Type NT880 AHR
Station in Command Selector Type NT850 CMDS
Command Source Indicator Type NT850 CMDA
NFU Control Type NT851 NFU
Autopilot Control Unit Type NT888G
FU Wheel Unit Type NT850 WFU
NFU Control Type NT851 NFU
Steering System Selector Type NT850 STSS
Steering Mode Selector Type NT850 STMS
(Dims 497 x 636 x 200 mm)
(Cut Out 448 x 588 mm)

Similar to the Type 4 Main Steering Panel, the Type 7 (shown above) includes Master/Remote Panel deligation via the Station in Command Selector (NT850 CMDS) and also indication of current steering panel in Command (Type NT850 CMDA).

A comprehensive NT850 SOLAS compliant Dual Independent Rudder Main Steering Example.
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