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NT850 Main Steering System Configuration Type 6.

Type 6 - Emergency Steering Panel.

Rudder Angle Indicator Type NT850 RAI
NT850 Digital Heading Repeater NT850 Emegency Steering Selector NT850 Rudder Amgle Indicator NT851 Non Follow Up Control NT850 Rudder Angle Indicator NT851 Non Follow Up Control
Rudder Angle Indicator type NT850 RAI
Emergency Steering Selector Type NT850 ESS
Digital Heading Repeater Type NT850 DHR
NFU Control Type NT851 NFU
NFU Control Type NT851 NFU
(Dims 403 x 303 x 150 mm)

In the event that the Bridge/Wheelhouse conning position is seriously compromised by fire, flood or explosion etc., all Steering Controls can be isolated and diverted to the Steering Room via the Emergency Steering Panel which will provide Dual Rudder NFU Control with associated Rudder Angle and Vessel Heading Indication - all powered from 24Vdc Emergency Power Supplies.

A comprehensive NT850 SOLAS compliant Dual Independent Rudder Main Steering Example.
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