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NT850 Main Steering System Configuration Type 3.

Type 3 - SOLAS compliant dual independent rudder/quad pump system suitable for vessels from workboats and patrol craft (including high speed craft) to coastal and ocean going units of all tonnages with integral Analogue Heading Repeater (type NT880 AHR) and able to accept control inputs from proprietary Autopilot Systems.

Override Control Type NT850 OVSW
NT880 Analogue Heading Repeater NT850 Full Follow Up Wheel NT850 Override Switch NT850 Steering System Selector NT850 Non Follow Up NT850 Steering Mode Selector
NFU Control Type NT850 NFU
FU Wheel Unit Type NT850 WFU
Heading Repeater type NT880 AHR
Steering System Selector type NT850 STSS
Steering Mode Selector Type NT850 STMS
(Dims 497 x 500 x 200 mm)
(Cut Out 448 x 450 mm)

Dual Independent Rudder Systems benifit from simple synchronisation of rudder positions (when required) via inclusion of the NT850 NFU and immediate Override control is available to the operator in any emergency situation via use of the NT850 OVSW. Steering Mode and Pump selection is afforded by the NT850 STMS and NT850 STSS respecively (as shown above) to provide the required Steering Mode (Follow Up, Non Follow Up or Autopilot) plus selection of the Rudder System to be used (No 1, No 2 or both) plus Pump Selection (2 per rudder system) to allocate/share duties/redundancy as required.

Operation is therefore straight forward with operating/control modes defined as follows:-
FU ....... Follow Up Wheel unit type NT850 WFU active.
NFU .... Non Follow Up control type NT850 NFU active.
Auto ... Propietary Autopilot Steering active.
A comprehensive NT850 SOLAS compliant Dual Independent Rudder Main Steering Example.
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