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NT850 Main Steering System Configuration Type 1..

Type 1 - SOLAS compliant dual pump / single rudder system (NT851 NFU) or dual rudder system (NT850 NFU) and suitable for smaller vessels from workboats and patrol craft etc. to coastal and ocean going units up to 3000GT (NT888G Autopilot) - particuarly where space is at a premium.

NFU Control Type NT851 NFU
NT851 Steering Mode Selector NT851 Non Follow Up NT850 Full Follow Up Wheel NT888G Autopilot System
Autopilot Control Unit Type NT888G
Steering Mode Selector Type NT851 STMS
FU Wheel Unit Type NT850 WFU
(Dims 397 x 440 x 200 mm)
(Cut Out 347 x 390 mm)
Single rudder systems using the combined Steering Mode and Pump Selector type NT851 STMS (as shown above) provides the operator with selection of the required steering mode (Follow up, Non Follow Up or Autopilot) plus selection of the pump set to be used (No 1, No 2 or both) and allows pump duties to be allocated/shared as required*.

(The combined Mode/Pump Selector type NT851 STMS offers integral pump selection which is likely to benifit smaller vessel control panels by eliminating the requirement for seperate pump switches).

Operation is therefore straightforward with operating/control modes defined as follows:-
FU ....... Follow Up Wheel unit type NT850 WFU active.
NFU .... Non Follow Up control type NT851 NFU active**.
Auto ... NT888G Autopilot steering active***.
A Dual Rudder System would use the type NT850 STMS allowing a complete rudder system to be selected (No 1, No 2 or both).
Used with a Dual Rudder System the type NT850 NFU would be used allowing dual independent rudders to be position synchronised.
Vessels over 3000GT would use Navitron Autopilot type NT999G and larger control panel.
A comprehensive NT850 SOLAS compliant Single Rudder Main Steering Example.
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