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Autopilot Type NT777

Purpose developed for small professional vessel use spanning workboats, pilot and patrol craft, fishing vessels and motor yachts to 25m LOA, the NT777 model is the first of a new digital Autopilot generation designed and manufactured by Navitron Systems Ltd.

Accordingly, the NT777 Autopilot System provides Navitron steering expertise in a robust and compact package based on highly intelligent control and monitoring functions normally only associated with IMO compliant Type Approved models.

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  Produced and tested in an ISO 9001:2000 environment, standard features include:-

Dual NMEA Heading Inputs

Mag Sensor Coil Heading Input

Multi Waypoint Track Steering

Multiple Control Unit Options

  Integral Off Course Alarm
  Integral Watch Alarm
  Custom Turn & Dodge functions
  NMEA & Furuno Heading Outputs
Model NT777 : - (Dims 192 x 120 x 62.4 mm)   11-40Vdc Power Supply
    11-40Vdc/5A rated solid state switch Outputs to Solenoids

A high performance multi microprocessor based Autopilot for magnetic/GPS compass and Track steered vessels from typically 10 - 25m (30 - 80ft).

Comprehensively equipped yet simple to operate - and suitable for hull forms from conventional displacement to fast planing vessels - the NT777 Autopilot System can support a maximum of 3 Control Units which connect to a central Distribution Unit.

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Model NT777 Distribution Unit.

(Dims 270 x 175 x 66 mm)

Optional Equipment Inputs /Outputs: -

These are available from the standard Distribution Unit and will support a range of equipment and services which include:-

Rudder Angle Indicators
Analague and Digital Heading Repeaters
NMEA Heading Outputs (to Radars etc.)
Navitron & Proprietary Power Steer Controls
Universal relay Box

Technical Specifications

Outline & Mounting Details

NT777 Leaflet download (PDF)

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Combined with full PID intelligence, auto rudder stability, Autotrim (APH), integral audible/visual Alarm functions with Reset, the NT777 is equipped for precision performance and reliability.
The Autopilot Display may be presented in positive or negative mode as preferred (Set Up Menu Installation Selectable).
Automatic display graphic change occurs when Track Steering Mode is selected and includes regular performance and source data updates.
  In addition to Track data, the NT777 will also accept NMEA heading data directly from GPS compass systems etc.

When multi Heading Inputs are employed (NMEA + Mag sensor coil) the priority source is installation programmable with automatic changeover in the event of primary source failure.

Suitable for console or bracket mounting, the NT777 Control Unit can be externally located and the overall system is normally supplied complete with Heading Sensor Coil (HSC2) and Rudder Reference Unit (NT920RRU) for installation to solenoid hydraulic systems (11-40Vdc/5A max).

High voltage solenoids (110/220Vac/dc) can also be accommodated via the inclusion of an optional Universal Relay Box.

The NT777 Autopilot system can also be used with alternative Distribution Units to provide ± 10Vdc or 4-20mA outputs required to interface with analogue steering machines.

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