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Wheel Follow Up Type NT700 WFU

The Navitron NT700 Full Follow Up Wheel Unit is a robustly constructed unit which provides proportional (Follow Up) steering signal input via rotation of a ¾ wheel against an illuminated background scale graduated 45 – 0 – 45 degrees as standard.

Full Follow Up selection (Wheel Unit active) is confirmed by WFU Panel LED indication via a single press of the “FU SELECT” key.

A built in alignment feature prevents WFU engagement if the position of the WFU does not correspond with actual rudder position when the “FU SELECT” key is activated.

This condition is signalled by the “ALIGN” LED and avoids accidental rudder application until the WFU is positioned to agree with the actual rudder angle.

An electrically isolated pot is fitted within the Wheel Unit and provides a single channel output of 0-7Vdc and 4-20mA.

The background illumination of the Follow Up Unit scale is installation selectable (red or green) and is dimmable via an external master potentiometer input.

The Wheel Follow Up Unit is not suitable for external location and should be mounted in an enclosed wheelhouse conning position if not an integral component of the Main Steering console.

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