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Dual Station Interface
Type NT990DSI

The Navitron NT990DSI is a microprocessor intelligent interface which provides galvanically isolated signal conversions between wheelhouse steering control elements (Autopilot, Navitron Full Follow Up Steering & proprietary DP systems etc.) for the control of single or dual solenoid operated rudder positioning systems.

Type Approved and Wheelmarked for use with Navitron NT951G/991G MK2 Autopilot Systems, the NT990DSI is equipped with electrically isolated inputs to accept demanded rudder angle signals from various proprietary control systems in addition to the Navitron NT700/2 Full Follow Up Steering System.

Digital data received from Navitron Autopilot Control Units, or analogue (+/-10Vdc range) signal voltages received from proprietary Autopilots/DP systems or NT700 Wheel Follow Up Unit etc, is converted within the NT990DSI to provide installation selectable single or independent dual channel outputs for the positional control and automatic stabilisation of single or dual rudder systems.

Four solid state switch outputs (2 per channel) rated 5A/11-40Vdc are a standard feature of the NT990DSI and solenoid switchline polarity (common +ve / common -ve) is installation selectable.

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