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Dual Station Distribution Box
Type NT990DSDB

The Dual Station Distribution Box (type NT990DSDB) is designed for use with Navitron autopilot types NT921G and NT990G to provide dual station autopilot control featuring galvanic isolation between the autopilot control units. This electrical isolation is an important back up consideration since any damage sustained by one control unit will not affect the operational integrity of the other and the basis of a dual autopilot system is established.

In addition to the dual station function, the NT990DSDB can be connected to accept optional equipment (Bowthruster Interface, Power Steer Controls etc.) and various heading data sources (Gyro's, Mag compasses etc.) which can be dedicated to one particular control unit (by direct connection to the control unit involved) or which can be transferred from one control unit to the other (across the isolation barrier) via the NT990DSDB.

In the example shown above, the mag compass heading reference (HSC2) and the Bowthruster Interface (NT921BTI) would be automatically switched via the NT990DSDB from control unit N°1 to control unit N°2 (as selected).

Gyro N°1 and N°2 in addition to the potentiometers and limit switches in the Dual Feedback unit would be dedicated to their respective control unit (N°1 or N°2 as appropriate).

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Model NT990DSDB
Dual Station Distribution Box

Operational autopilot control unit selection (N°1 or N°2 as required) is simply achieved by MODE switch movement at the required control unit which automatically places the 'redundant' control unit in remote follow up (tracking) mode.

Once the autopilot system is engaged to steer the vessel, subsequent movement of the MODE switch to STANDBY at either control unit will place the entire autopilot system (both control units) in a standby condition to permit immediate manual steering control.

Compass Safe Distance - 1.0m

Weight - 2.7Kg

Outline Dimensions (mm): -

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