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Bowthruster Interface
Type NT921BTI

Used in conjunction with a Navitron autopilot system, the NT921 Bowthruster Interface provides operator selectable Power Steer and fully automatic control of single or dual thruster units and is compatible with the following Navitron autopilot types: -

(i) Autopilot type NT921 - - - - - - Version 4.1 Software and later.

(ii) Autopilot type NT921MKII - - - - Version 1.0 Software and later.

(iii) Autopilot type NT921G/NT990G - - - - Version 4.0 Software and later.

(iv) Autopilot type NT951G/NT991G MK2- - - - Version 6.0 Software and later.

In addition to the normal Port and Stbd solenoid demands associated with autopilot control of rudder position, digital information is transferred from the autopilot control unit to the bowthruster interface (NT921BTI) where two galvanically isolated analogue output channels are generated for thruster control.

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Both of the galvanically isolated channels provide a nominal output range of ±10Vdc and are independently installation adjustable for zero thrust alignment (±12.5%) and output voltage gradient required to develop maximum thrust (i.e. maximum thruster power adjustable from ±1V to ±10V to suit the response characteristics of the thruster unit(s) involved.

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Model NT921BTI
Bowthruster Interface

Compass Safe Distance - 0.6m

Weight - 1.6Kg

NT921BTI Outline & Mounting Dimensions

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Operator controls mounted on the autopilot control unit and on the NT921BTI allow simple adjustment in each steering mode available for selection via the Bowthruster CONTROL MODE SELECTOR switch as follows: -

for autopilot control of rudder only
for power steer via thruster(s) only
using NT921BTI MANUAL control
for autopilot control of thruster(s) only
for autopilot control of rudder and thruster(s)

The NT921BTI control panel also provides LED status indicators and displays (LCD) bow error and thruster response level.

Designed as a matching module for internal (bridge or wheelhouse) location adjacent to the autopilot control unit, the NT921BTI is suitable for bracket or panel mounting.

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