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Analogue Steering Interface
Type NT990ASI

The NT990ASI is used in conjunction with Navitron autopilot types NT921, NT921 MKII, NT921G/NT990G and NT951G/NT991G MK2 to provide dual galvanically isolated analogue signal outputs for the control of analogue steering machines or waterjets.

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Fully Type Approved for inclusion in Navitron NT921G/NT990G and NT951G/NT991G MK2 autopilot systems, bi-directional steering control data is continuously transferred between the appropriate autopilot control unit and the NT990ASI to produce two isolated outputs - each with a range of -10Vdc to +10Vdc for connection to the steering machine / waterjet control system.

Steering machine positional feedback information can also be provided for the autopilot control unit via opto isolated inputs available within the NT990ASI which accept potentiometric (single ended) or sin/cos feedback signals taken from the analogue steering system without risk of loading or common mode problems.

Standard features of the NT990ASI include: -

Dual channel isolated output voltage (±10Vdc) proportional to rudder position or rudder error.
Dual channel installation presets for rudder gain, rudder bias and output voltage (max) limit.
Dual isolated inputs (10 - 40Vdc) for steering enable and channel enable control delegation.
Dual volt free contacts (1A / 30Vdc) for steering control demand.
Dual volt free alarm contacts.
Dual isolated sin/cos or single ended feedback inputs (±5Vdc or ±15Vdc ranges).
D/A output to autopilot rudder indicator and APH function.
NMEA 0183 rudder angle output sentence ($YXRSA)
Internal 3 digit LED and individual LED status indications.

Compass Safe Distance - 0.5m

Weight - 0.9Kg

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Outline Dimensions (mm): -

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