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NT920 AHR (MKI & MKII) Analogue & Digital (DHR) Heading Repeaters

Navitron Analogue Heading Repeaters type NT920AHR may be configured as single or multi head independent systems or as add on components to most Navitron autopilot types and Navitron Heading Data Interfaces to display NMEA 0183 heading data received from primary transmission sources of all kinds (Gyro Compass, GPS Antenna Compass, TMC systems etc.)

Simple to install featuring fully automatic self alignment and self test facilities, all NT920AHR heads are supplied for panel or foot bracket mounting in sheltered locations (enclosed bridge or wheelhouse etc.) unless constructed to latest build standards (see Location Note)

Unaffected by steel enclosures, the NT920AHR is particularly suitable for emergency steering position use in tiller flats etc.

Ships head is clearly read from a 120mm diameter rotating card marked in 1° increments with 5° and 10° divisions also defined. All 3 digit numbers (4mm height) are shown at 10° intervals and all scale markings are white on a black card background.

Variable intensity backlight illumination is controlled from a dimmer pot mounted on the instrument bezel to illuminate all card legends in red or green (installation selectable) for night viewing.

NMEA 0183
Input Sentences


Minimum recommended
Sentence Update Rate


Max Following Rate

30° / sec

Card Readout Accuracy


Operating Temp Range

-10 to +60 °C

Compass Safe Distance




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Analogue Heading Repeater

Location Note: Standard production units supplied from Serial N° 931899 (June 2002) onwards are of splashproof construction via sealed aluminium case and bezel housings to permit mounting in external locations.

NT920AHR Outline Dimensions / Mounting Details

Download the NT920AHR MKII Leaflet (PDF)

Click for the NT920AHR MKII PDF Manual

The NT920DHR / 2 Digital Heading Repeater is Type Approved (National Certification by UK Notified Body QinetiQ) for Gyro Compass or THD (etc) Repeater use and is immediately compatible with NMEA 0183 heading data. It is equipped with an opto isolated input port for direct connection to proprietary senders (gyro's, GPS compasses etc.) which transmit one or more of the following sentence types.


Ruggedly engineered and suitable for bracket or console mounting in internal and external locations , the NT920DHR / 2 may be installed in single or multihead configurations as add on repeaters with proprietary equipment or to provide an independent system with Navitron equipment such as the NT925OCA / 1 Off Course Alarm. Standard features include a 3 or 4 digit 25mm LCD display of current heading optimised for night viewing by operator variable red backlight illumination.

Compass Safe Distance - 0.4m

Weight - 1.25Kg

NT920DHR Outline Dimensions / Mounting Details

Download the NT920DHR/2 Leaflet (PDF)

Click for the NT920DHR/2 PDF Manual

NT880 AHR Gyro/Mag Heading Repeater Details

NT990 AHR Gyro/Mag Heading Repeater Details

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Model NT920DHR / 2
Digital Heading Repeater

Type Approved for Gyro / THD Repeater (etc) Applications





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